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Someone has to stand up first.

Original content from the twisted mind of Adam Metropolis.  Some comedic, some not, who cares.  It's a creative portfolio, okay?  Geez.

Watch the ORIGINAL 'Adam's Mind' from 1999: | | Also check out the Vicious Mockery podcast:

Feb 28, 2019

A full-length audio-cinema experience full of thrills, chills, humor and horror. When an up-and-coming circus is summoned to perform in a strange and isolated land, they soon discover that their host desires much more than their talents...

A spooky collaboration between Vicious Mockery and the Polyhedron podcast...

Feb 27, 2019

The final episode in the Hell House mini-series. Enjoy!

Feb 8, 2019

I produce and edit the Vicious Mockery podcast.